Sleeping climate

We spend around one third of our lives in bed. A suitable duvet is a fundamental requirement for a good night's sleep. Nevertheless, a range of sleep profiles exist: Some people sweat faster than others. Some prefer the old-fashioned unquilted duvet, or a flat cover or box quilt. Everyone has to find a duvet and/or pillow that suits them.

In terms of warmth, individual preferences vary significantly. Several other conditions also depend on the person - some people prefer to sleep in a cool room, whereas others work and sleep in a room that is used (heated) for various purposes. Experts recommend that the bedroom is maintained at a cool and dry temperature of up to 18° C. People who keep their bedrooms cool (during the day) but feel cold easily, can use a warmer duvet to compensate. In stores, duvets are categorised into the warmth ratings of light, medium, warm and extra warm.

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