Feather harvesting

While duck down and feathers are harvested exclusively after the slaughtering process - in other words, duck feathers and down come from dead animals - goose feathers can also be collected during the moulting season.

Alongside the use of the 'down and feathers' by-product that is obtained after slaughtering in poultry meat production, harvesting from live animals is only permitted under clearly defined legal stipulations. These are governed by a number of provisions, including the European Convention for the Protection of Animals kept for Farming Purposes, the standard on keeping geese for the purpose of plucking and national animal welfare legislation.

The so-called moulting may only be carried out during the period in which the bird naturally changes its feathers, when a new generation of feathers has matured and the old ones are shed.

Harvesting feathers may not take place outside of the moulting season - live plucking is strictly forbidden by law. The association has been dedicated to checking and monitoring farms and breeding plants for years.

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