Consumer information

Two basic features characterise a bedding product, whether it is a duvet or a pillow:

  • The material with which it is filled.
    This could be a natural material, such as down and feathers, wool fibres (sheep's wool, camel hair, cashmere), cotton and raw silk, or indeed a synthetic fabric, for instance microfibre, hollow fibre or synthetic fibres from starch.
  • The design it has been given.
    Since consumers' requirements regarding a duvet can be extremely diverse and given that a wide range of purposes have to be considered (summer or winter bedding, etc.), an endless variety of bedding has been developed. Nowadays, we can choose between unquilted, quilted and box-quilted duvets.

These two components, material and construction, give way to an infinity of combinations that guarantees the perfect sleeping environment for everyone.

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